Tropical Recovery Smoothie


     -          A cup of orange juice  
     -          Half the cup of pineapple juice
     -          Half frozen banana

     -          A scoop whey protein

     -          3 grams L-Glutamine powder

Basic Guide To Lose Belly Fat

      -          Lessen Carbs Intake

Carbohydrates or carbs serve as the fuels of the body. Without them, one will have no energy to do daily activities such as going to school or work, playing favorite sport or even reading this article. However, too much of anything is not good. Excess carbs will be stored in your body to be used as energy in the future. This may sounds good but too much of stored energy is fat and that is what you notice bulging on your belly. Reduce the carbs by eating less rice, pasta, potatoes, bread and the like. But it is important to note that eliminating them altogether in your meals will not do any good to your health.

Metabolism Booster Smoothie Recipe

Metabolism Booster smoothie recipe is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants coming from tropical fruits and Matcha Green Tea powder. This smoothie is loaded with antioxidant EGCG, which boosts metabolism and expedites weight loss. You’ll surely enjoy the subtle taste created by the Matcha Green Tea powder. Try it now!

Functional Exercises You Should Include In Your Training

Strength coaches don’t want to use the term “functional exercise” for the reason that every exercise has a function. The effectiveness of a lift varies to the goal you choose to apply it. But if you consider or define ‘functional” exercise as one that enhances your capacity to carry out daily activities or sports abilities, develops overall power and stability, and increases your potential to deal with possible injury, these five moves are must-haves in your training.

1.       Power Clean

Purpose: Overall Body Explosiveness

Real-Life Application:

Standing up and jumping in fast manner

-          When you apply a force, the ability to extend your ankles, knees and hips powerfully is very crucial for such action. A perfect jump shot in basketball for example, requires powerful force from the hips, knees and ankles.

How Medicine Ball Knee Raise Works Your Lower Abs

Lower abs often overlook by many newbies but it’s important to work them. Using a medicine ball puts additional weight that forces your lower abs to work hard when you raise your knees to your chest while your upper body stabilizes by your core.

The Importance Of Proper Training Before Engaging Into A Long Marathon Run

Finishing a 42 kilometer marathon race is not an easy goal and researchers find out that you could be stressing your heart if you’re not fit or don’t train properly.

A new small study published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology finds out that less-fit runners could damage their cardiac muscle. While the heart bounces back, it could take some time.

Twenty amateur marathon runners who had run in the Quebec City Marathon were evaluated by a research team from Universite Laval. The scientists observed and tested the participants 6-8 weeks prior to the race and on the race day itself. Participants were tested again within 48 hours after finishing the marathon. MRI scans and blood sampling are included in the tests.

Fixing Common Excuses Not To Eat Healthy

Do you have no time to cook because of busy working lifestyle? Are you stressed with your hectic schedule, making you crave for sugary and fatty foods? Do you think that healthy meals are too expensive? Here’s how you can avoid the fatty lifestyle.

·        There are people who make their busy life as an excuse not to cook healthy foods. You need to know that you can quickly cook healthy foods. You can grill a chicken breast seasoned with lemon and pepper while steaming some vegetables at the same time. The time needed for preparing grilled chicken breasts and steamed vegetables is equivalent to the time when you order a takeaway. Chicken breast is high in quality protein to keep you full and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals.

    ·         Most people think that healthy meals are expensive and ready meals suit their budget. If you’re one of them, you should try tuna, eggs and lentils as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables, beans and salads. You’ll discover that cooking all of them from scratch are cheap. Additionally, you can reduce your intake of salt and added preservatives while getting your daily vitamin needs.

Marathon Preparation For Beginners

If you’re looking for ideas on how to run your first marathon, then you’re in the right place. There are many things to consider when preparing for your first marathon. Hopefully, your body is now ready or almost prepared to run over 26 miles from months of training you’ve already done or about to be finished. In this article, you’ll know how to prepare on the actual day or few days to go before your long run to make sure everything is in place.

Familiarize the race course. Make sure that you know how to get to the place of your race. Visit the place and familiarize where to park and exit. If it is possible, run over the course to get the feel of it. You may run one of your long training runs on the race course.

Visualize where to position yourself during the race. It’s a good idea to line up at the back because as the first time racer, you don’t want to slow down faster runners. Take things slowly and enjoy the race. You’re likely to take walk breaks as you did during training. Stay at the side of the road or use the sidewalk for your walk breaks.

Rest your body days before the race. Many first time runners are afraid to lose their conditioning if they take two days off from running leading up to the race. Trust me, you won’t lose any conditioning from taking these rests. Some races organize expo the day before the race and require you to pick up your race number and computer chip in the event. You may walk around in the expo and check out some interesting bargains but make it less than two hours.

Diet Plan For A Flat Belly

Stay sexy and healthy during festive seasons with tried and tested diet plan for a flat stomach.   

        1.       Take a healthy breakfast. Rush breakfasts such as milk and chocolate cookies should be avoided. Have an omelet and two egg whites with sugarless fruit juice.

        2.       Avoid fattening food. As much as possible try not to eat fattening meats such as pork and beef. If you can’t live without fattening meats, you may indulge yourself once in a while.

        3.       Practice smart exercise. Since you’re cutting down on your regular food intake, you don’t need to go all out with your exercise routine. Instead, go for breathing exercises, squats, walking, jogging and short running. Heavy exercises only make you weak in the process.

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and staying active are important factors when it comes to fitness and overall health but these are not the only things that can complete the puzzle.

Maybe, you have already tried a number of diet programs. Many diets have become popular because many people have proven that they’re effective. However, diets are still diets which means that at some point they will end.

While many people are able to maintain their results, there are some who go back where they started. Just like exercising, it’s important to stick with our healthy nutrition. We need to be consistent to get winning results in the long run.